Commercial Property for sale

Commercial Property for Sale in Bulgaria

Several unique commercial properties in Bulgaria Teteven for sale.

Teteven Property 1 / 2 / 3 - for sale
Teteven Property 1 / 2 / 3 – for sale

The individual objects on sale can be reached via the respective links. The objects can all be purchased together or individually. The selling prices are far below market value so it’s one of the last bargain.

Property 1:

  • Production halls with administration building
    plot 21,940 m²
    production hall 9,055 m²
    administration building 1,260 m²

Sales – Price 1,750,000, – €

Production halls with administrative building
Production halls with administrative building

Property 2:

  • Workers’ hostel, or a retirement home
    Plot 2560 m²
    Building 4360 m²
    ca. 70 rooms for about 160 people

Sales – Price 650.000, – €

Workers' hostel
Workers’ hostel

Property 3:

  • Commercial – Building plot
    of land 5995 m²

Sales – Price 650.000, – €

Teteven Location Commercial Plot
Teteven Location Commercial Plot

If you have Google Earth installed, you can just go and fly with this coordinate. Please copy this data into the search bar: 42 ° 54’49.94 “N 24 ° 16’03.38” E

If you do not know Google Earth here is the link for free installation:

Teteven City
Teteven City
Teteven Panorama
Teteven Panorama

The properties are also suitable for the market experts you probably know that the real estate and land prices in Bulgaria after the EU accession to rise strongly, roughly between 20% and 30% per year. The unique location offers every possibility. The

Capital Sofia is only about 100 km away from this idyllic place Teteven. The city is located in the center of the Bulgarian forests and is beautifully situated in the north.

Teteven - Sofia
Teteven – Sofia

There are excellent motorway connections to Sofia. There is also the possibility to a very good transportation on waterways Danube. The seaports of Varna and Burgas are only about 300 km away from Teteven. It is one

Teteven City
Teteven City

small quiet town with about 10,000 inhabitants. Teteven is located 340 m above the sea and the mountains around it are up to 2,100 meters. There are good winter sports facilities.Tetevianka is just 5 km from the well-known resort Ribaritsa.

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